Colorado Roughnecks Limited

Drilling Quality Assurance

For Oil & Gas Operators, we provide a range of drilling and completion  quality assurance services comprising the design and/or examination of wells using conventional technologies.

New Technology

For select  privately held companies, we perform intellectual property services including the devising and development of patents within the Oil & Gas Industry.

Specialist Services

For Service Companies, we provide specialist services on request.  We can provide a range of services including, for example, quality of assurance of equipment and services as they relation to drilling and completion operations or well abandonments.

Colorado Roughnecks Limited provides Drilling and Completion Engineering Quality Assurance Service for public companies in the Hydrocarbon and Underground Storage Industries primarily in Aberdeen Scotland.   We also provide intellectual property services for a number of private companies.

Colorado Roughnecks Limited is an English registered company who performs Drilling and Completion Engineering Consulting Services within the Oil & Gas Industry in Scotland.


The Directors of the Company have roots in both Colorado (USA) and Scotland.


Additionally, the same directors are involved with  our sister company
Aberdeen Roughnecks Limited .


Contact Information

35 Eastside Drive

Westhill, Scotland

AB32 6QN


Tel: 01224-746697


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